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  • What lies ahead in 2009?

    What lies ahead in 2009?

    Romania will face an imminent economic crisis that triggered its first alarm signals in late 2008. Wall-Street compiled the most important queries for 2009 that the economy and local business...

  • Review of national currency's...

    Review of national currency's evolution versus euro

    Benchmark currency exchange rate reported by central bank on December 31, 2008, of 3.9852 lei/euro signals stagnation compared to the rates in previous session, and 10.39% depreciation of the leu...

  • Will Euro hit 4.2 lei threshold?

    Will Euro hit 4.2 lei threshold?

    Currency exchange rate is very likely to hit 4.2 lei/euro high in first quarter of 2009, insiders say. The decline of the local currency cannot be avoided without toughening the budget policy.

  • BNR's decision in the first...

    BNR's decision in the first monetary policy session of the year

    Experts say the central bank will most likely keep the benchmark lending rate at 10.25% and will cut leu-currency liabilities reserve ratio in the January 6 session, measures that would not defrost...

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