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  • An IMF mission is coming to...

    An IMF mission is coming to Romania

    The first International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Jeffrey Franks, will come to Romania on July 29 to evaluate the degree to which the country fulfilled the commitments taken through the...

  • Romania's leu slips...

    Romania's leu slips towards 4.21 against the euro

    The exchange rate rose steadily towards the end of the session to close to 4.21 lei per euro after a significant climb of the national currency in the first part of the day, in line with the...

  • Romania to ask for only EUR...

    Romania to ask for only EUR 30m in structural funds from the EU

    Romania will contribute over 1 billion euros to the European Union (EU) budget this year, but only asks for 30 million euros from structural funds for projects, declared for NewsIn people inside...

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