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  • Why do Romanians love Cyprus?
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Why do Romanians love Cyprus?

    If Romanians fail to harness the country’s tourism opportunities, in Cyprus, the country where tourism is the leading economic activity, thousands of Romanians work in the hospitality industry.

  • ...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    EBRD lends BCR 10 million to finance energy efficiency investments

    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) agreed to grant Banca Comerciala Romana a €10 million loan.

  • Colin Egan: Marketing people...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Colin Egan: Marketing people are desperate

    Colin Ega, the chair in marketing at IEDC–Bled School of Management in Slovenia, one of the largest institutions of its kind in Europe, speaks in an interview to Wall-Street about the...

  • Georgia backs Nabucco pipeline
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Georgia backs Nabucco pipeline

    The minister of foreign affairs, Teodor Baconschi received during his visit to Tbilisi the confirmation of Georgia’s backing of the Nabucco pipeline. Georgian officials have also expressed...

  • Dragulin, NBR: There is a...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Dragulin, NBR: There is a risk of spillover among countries

    The scope of cross-border spillover of the deterioration of bank portfolios in the global banking system remains wide, due to common exposures of the large financial groups, said the Director of...

  • ...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    10 million in a new wind plant in Oravita

    LC Business SRL said it planned to invest around €10 million in the construction of a new 9-megawatts wind plant in Oravita, Caras-Severin. 30% of the total cost will be covered from European...

  • Midday Forex: Leu loses...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu loses ground to euro

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.0958 lei/euro today, up 0.56% from Tuesday, as the national currency suffered a sharp drop in the morning against its European counterpart.

  • IMF calls for measures to...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    IMF calls for measures to combat tax evasion

    The Minister of Public Finance, Sebastian Vladescu and IMF mission chief in Romania, Jeffrey Franks held a round of talks today, focused on means to raise state revenues by combating tax evasions.

  • ...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    Social sites gaming app, the new malware venue?

    The social gaming-related phony profiles are willingly added by the users as an immediate consequence of their interest in enlarging the supportive players’ community. The security...

  • bpv Grigorescu represented...
    1 Aprilie 2010

    bpv Grigorescu represented EvoBus and BRD in public procurement trial

    A team of lawyers of bpv Grigorescu, led by partners Liz Minea (Litigation) and Anca Parascan (Public Procurement), has obtained, on behalf of clients EvoBus Romania and BRD Sogelease, an...

  • BSE stocks post modest losses
    1 Aprilie 2010

    BSE stocks post modest losses

    Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange moved lower today, led by the financial investment companies sector that tumbled 0.50%, while trading liquidity was propped up by state securities trades.

  • 2 Aprilie 2010

    Top electric cars by price

    A number of car manufacturers holding tests for their new electric cars to be rolled out (Volvo, Mini, Renault, Tesla, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Geely, Shelby, SuperCars and Smart), but few are...

  • Midday Forex: Leu stays weak
    2 Aprilie 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu stays weak

    The National Bank of Romania has set a reference rate of 4.1094 lei/euro, up 0.33% from Wednesday, as the leu fell sharply in the morning, against the generally growing trend in the region.

  • ...
    2 Aprilie 2010

    Coface to spend 25,000 on management coaching

    Accounts receivable manager Coface Romania said it would earmark €25,000 this year to coaching and leadership program for the 14 managers in the company.

  • ...
    2 Aprilie 2010

    NBRs FX coffers at all-time high

    Romania’s foreign exchange reserves administered by the National Bank of Romania, increased in March by €2.297 billion (7.7%) from a month earlier, to a all-time high of €32.036...

  • Adevarul Holding CEO steps...
    2 Aprilie 2010

    Adevarul Holding CEO steps down, Peter Imre takes over

    After four years as chief executive officer of the media group Adevarul Holding, Razvan Corneteanu signed off today. He will be succeeded by Peter Imre, former corporate affairs director of the...

  • BSE indices close higher
    2 Aprilie 2010

    BSE indices close higher

    Indices at the Bucharest Stock Exchange traded higher today, led by financial investment companies that jumped 3.67%, after the official data showed a decline in jobless claims in US.

  • 6 Aprilie 2010


    Find out what are the high-tech habits and preferences of Horia Hahaianu, chief executive director of telecom company Teletrans.

  • 6 Aprilie 2010

    Top 10 best performing stocks at BSE in March

    Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange has a strong spring start this year, except for a minimal decline at five companies. Wall-Street compiled a list of ten stocks by their March performance.

  • Midday Forex: Leu gets modest...
    6 Aprilie 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu gets modest lift from peers

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.1034 lei/euro, down 0.15% from Thursday, after a strong growth in the morning, in line with other currencies in the region.

  • INTERVIEW - Fabrice...
    6 Aprilie 2010

    INTERVIEW - Fabrice Demarigny, Mazars: SME are the future of the EU economy

    Fabrice Demarigny, director of capital markets at Mazars, has drawn a report called “Small Business Act” that calls for a new directive on the listing of small and medium size...

  • NetMedia buys Romanian online...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    NetMedia buys Romanian online travel websites

    NetMedia, with operations in the online travel, acquired 70 percent of the Romanian company, C & D Solutions, the owner of and travel websites in Romania.

  • Renault, Dacia make return to...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Renault, Dacia make return to the Cabriolet, Coupe and SUV Show

    Dacia will attend a Cabriolet, Coupé and SUV Show in France with its off-roader Duster, while Renault will bring its Wind and Megane CC convertibles and Laguna Monaco GP coupe.

  • Carpatair adds 4 new flights...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Carpatair adds 4 new flights to Italy

    Carpatair airline with hub in Timisoara, will strengthen its Bucharest operations by introducing four new direct flights from Bucharest (Otopeni airport) to Milan (Bergamo airport), Verona, Bologna...

  • PwC: Small but plentiful...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    PwC: Small but plentiful acquisitions in power deal-making

    The power deal spotlight in 2009 continued to shift away from the very large deals of earlier years as companies focused their attention on smaller acquisitions, according to the annual Power...

  • Petrom to move into renewable...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Petrom to move into renewable energy market in 2011

    Oil and natural gas company OMV Petrom, held by Austria-based OMV, will move into the renewable energy in 2011, when the company plans to get into the electricity business.

  • Air France and KLM launch...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Air France and KLM launch joint corporate loyalty program

    Airline carriers Air France and KLM have launched a joint corporate loyalty program, Blue Biz effective from April 6.

  • Leu gained 3.4% against euro...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Leu gained 3.4% against euro in first quarter

    The national currency has seen one of the biggest gains among its peers against euro in the first quarter this year, a recent analysis by X-Trade Brokers found.

  • Financial investment...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Financial investment companies slump 3.5% in broad sell-off

    Financial investment companies suffered sharp falls in Tuesday trade, of 3.5% after the equity market was gripped by a massive sell-off that boosted total trade value.

  • ...
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Trend Consults revenues return to pre-crisis levels

    Trend Consult, one of the largest staff training companies in Romania, said its revenues stood at €210,000 in the first quarter of the year to levels recorded before the onset of the financial...

  • Midday Forex: Leu grows slightly
    7 Aprilie 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu grows slightly

    The National Bank of Romania set a mid-point reference rate of 4.0967 lei/euro, down 0.16% from Friday’s rate, after the national currency grew gradually in the early trades, in line with its...

  • 8 Aprilie 2010

    5 mall-marketing traps to avoid

    Owners of Romania’s shopping centers place blame for the drop in sales on the decline in traffic, while retailers on weak marketing. Dan Cirstea, chief executive of United ad agency told...

  • ...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    M&A activity grows to 178 million

    Romanian market M&A increased by 75% in the first quarter this year from the same period of 2009 to €178 million, a Capital Partners quarterly review shows.

  • Vodafone unveils new Twitter...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Vodafone unveils new Twitter text service

    Vodafone customers will be able to receive free text messages whenever people in their Twitter friend network post a new tweet.

  • February retail trade...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    February retail trade turnover plunge 8%

    Retail trade turnover dropped 8% in February from the same period of last year, largely due to the sharp drop in food and non-food sales and fuels, data from the National Institute of Statistics show.

  • Fewer foreign tourists in...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Fewer foreign tourists in Romania

    The number of foreign visitors in Romania registered at the border checks stood at 897,400 in the first two months this year, down 5.9% from the same period of last year. Most tourists were from...

  • Romtelecom and Cosmote change...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Romtelecom and Cosmote change corporate subscription plan

    Romtelecom and Cosmote, two of the largest telecom carriers in Romania, have reshaped Convergent 1000 and Unlimited subscription plans launched in 2008, designed for companies.

  • ...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Antibiotices Q1 revenues grow 4.5%

    Romanian drug manufacturer Antibiotice Iasi (ticker: ATB) said its revenues increased by 4.5% to around 60 million lei (€14.5 mln) in first quarter 2010 compared to year-ago period.

  • ...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Midday Forex: Leus mild rebound continues

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.0908 lei/euro, down 0.14% from Tuesday. The national currency moved higher in the early trades, but wiped out morning gains, in line with its...

  • Bosch navigation system...
    8 Aprilie 2010

    Bosch navigation system engineered for eco-friendly driving

    In addition to a fast or a short route Bosch navigation system now offers car drivers the possibility to choose an "eco route" option.

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