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  • ING does not rule out the...

    ING does not rule out the likelihood of a 9.5% inflation rate

    ING Bank Romania has revised its inflation forecast for this year, from 4.1% to 7%, following the VAT hike and depreciation of the national currency, according to the report released on Monday by...

  • Top 10 banks by market share

    Top 10 banks by market share

    The National Bank of Romania released the list of ten largest banks in the Romanian market by market share calculated based on assets under management. The list suffered moderate changes in 2009,...

  • Midday Forex: Leu stays firm...

    Midday Forex: Leu stays firm against euro

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.2393 lei/euro, down 0.52% from the Monday rate, as the national currency continues to rebound after last week’s massive drop.

  • NBR: The 9 banks will not...

    NBR: The 9 banks will not request for a reduction of exposure to Romania

    The nine largest banks in Romania will not request any waiver from their commitments to IMF, European Commission and the National Bank of Romania made on July 22 in Brussels to keep exposure in...

  • Avrig 35 CEO steps down

    Avrig 35 CEO steps down

    Alexander Hergan (63), one of the most discrete real estate investors in the local market has stepped down as chief executive of Avrig 35 group, the developer of Charles de Gaulle Plaza and...

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