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  • Will the economic crisis...

    Will the economic crisis delay Romanias euro entry goals?

    Economists have recently questioned Romania’s chances to meet the 2015 euro entry goal, as the country is moving deeper into an economic crisis, with a widening budget deficit and swelling...

  • New residential projects may...

    New residential projects may offer discounted prices

    As construction costs become lower, newly launched residential units may offer discounted prices, while the lack of sales may force some developers to further decrease their asking prices, the...

  • Transgazs Q1 profit rises 30%

    Transgaz Medias (ticker: TGN) said its net profit rose 30% in the first quarter, to 189,213 million lei, and total revenues grew 12.1% year-on-year to 456.353 million lei.

  • Antibiotice Iasi posts 2.5%...

    Antibiotice Iasi posts 2.5% increase in first-quarter profit

    Romanian drug manufacturer Antibiotice Iasi (BSE:ATB) said its net profit rose 2.5% in the first quarter this year to 10.83 million lei, while revenues stood 3.3% above year-ago level to 59.56...

  • Midday Forex: Leu stays weak...

    Midday Forex: Leu stays weak against euro

    The National Bank of Romania set a EUR/RON reference rate of 4.1814 lei/euro, up slightly from yesterday (0.07%) from yesterday, as all currencies in the region followed a steeper downtrend against...

  • ...

    Romgazs first-quarter revenues up 22%

    The natural gas supplier Romgaz said its revenues for the first quarter 2010 rose 22% year-on-year to 1.162 billion lei, while net profit dropped 2.3% to 203 million lei.

  • SIFs end week 5% lower

    SIFs end week 5% lower

    Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange retreated today, led by financial investment companies that posted up to 4.80% loss.

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