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  • SIFs gain 4%
    28 Mai 2010

    SIFs gain 4%

    The five financial investment companies moved 4% higher today, while the market rose 3%.

  • Ernst&Young: One in two...
    28 Mai 2010

    Ernst&Young: One in two insurers began implementing Solvency II

    More than 50% of Romanian insurers are at the very beginning stages of the Solvency II implementation process that allows the insurance undertakings to manage their businesses taking into account...

  • ...
    28 Mai 2010

    Romanias Jan-Apr budget gap widens to 12.1 billion lei

    The four-month consolidated budget recorded a 12.1 billion lei deficit, almost 4 billion lei above the 8.22 billion lei gap registered at the end of March, said the Ministry of Finance.

  • Plus opens new discount store...
    28 Mai 2010

    Plus opens new discount store in Romania

    Discount-store chain Plus opened a new outlet in Ordohei, Harghita county, which represents a total investment of €1.5 million. The network now counts 101 stores across the country.

  • Farmaceutica Remedia buys...
    28 Mai 2010

    Farmaceutica Remedia buys back 1.65% of its outstanding shares

    Shareholders of the drug distributor Farmaceutica Remedia (BSE: RMAH) have agreed on a share buy back program for 1.65% of its outstanding shares, according to a press release to Bucharest Stock...

  • Midday Forex: Leu loses...
    28 Mai 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu loses steam, drops 0.22% against euro

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.1623 lei against euro today, up 0.22% from a yesterday.

  • RATB and Metrorex workers on...
    28 Mai 2010

    RATB and Metrorex workers on strike as of June 1

    Trade unions from the public road transport service (RATB) and from Metrorex will stage a protest on June 1 in solidarity with the public sector workers, leader of the Metrorex trade union, USLM,...

  • Government signs off letter...
    28 Mai 2010

    Government signs off letter of intent to IMF

    The Government approved the letter of intent to IMF, the members of the Cabinet following to hold a follow-up session, most likely on Sunday, according to Executive officials.

  • ...
    28 Mai 2010

    Jinfo Tours sets up holding company

    Carmen and Aura Pavel, owners of J’info Tours, one of the largest tour operators in Romania, said they plan to set up an umbrella company in the travel industry that would tie up their seven...

  • OPCOM to launch carbon...
    28 Mai 2010

    OPCOM to launch carbon emission trading platform

    Romanian Power Market Operator the trading platform for greenhouse gas emission certificates (ECTP) on June 1.

  • Romtelecom: Worst is still ahead
    28 Mai 2010

    Romtelecom: Worst is still ahead

    Even if the financial crisis has been plaguing the economy for almost two years, unfortunately the worst is still ahead, said Ovidiu Ghiman, Head of Strategy & Development at Romtelecom, the...

  • Vladescu puts damper on...
    28 Mai 2010

    Vladescu puts damper on recovery hopes

    The Minister of Public Finances, Sebastian Vladescu issued a disappointing economic forecast for the remainder of the year, dampening hopes of a return of the GDP in the positive territory, and...

  • Midday Forex: Leu remains...
    28 Mai 2010

    Midday Forex: Leu remains strong against euro

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.1532 lei against euro, down 0.46% from yesterday.

  • Romania risks EU sanctions...
    28 Mai 2010

    Romania risks EU sanctions over new anti tax-fraud provisions

    The emergency ordinance on measures for combating tax evasion contains a set of provisions which puts Romania in breach of community law, the Government hence risking drastic sanctions from the...

  • Jan-Apr home-building...
    31 Mai 2010

    Jan-Apr home-building approvals, in freefall

    In the four months into April this year, municipalities issued 11,307 building permits, 22.8% fewer than the same period of last year, data from the National Institute of Statistics show.

  • ATEbank Romania turns to...
    31 Mai 2010

    ATEbank Romania turns to profit in Q1

    ATEbank Romania said its first-quarter net profit stood at €0.2 million compared with a loss of €1.2 million in the same period of last year.

  • ...
    31 Mai 2010

    EFG Eurobank posts 2.1 mln profit on its Romanian operations

    Greek-based EFG Eurobank, majority shareholder of Bancpost, said its first-quarter net profit stood at €2.1 million compared with a €4.1 million loss in the same period of 2009.

  • CNP revises economic growth...
    31 Mai 2010


    It’s official: Romanian economy will remain lackluster in 2010, according to the revised data from the National Prognosis Commission that the Government will present on Monday in the...

  • SIFs cap week with moderate...
    31 Mai 2010

    SIFs cap week with moderate gains

    The five financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) posted modest gains today, as the market grew 1%.

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