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  • 5 mall-marketing traps to avoid

    Owners of Romania’s shopping centers place blame for the drop in sales on the decline in traffic, while retailers on weak marketing. Dan Cirstea, chief executive of United ad agency told...

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    M&A activity grows to 178 million

    Romanian market M&A increased by 75% in the first quarter this year from the same period of 2009 to €178 million, a Capital Partners quarterly review shows.

  • Vodafone unveils new Twitter...

    Vodafone unveils new Twitter text service

    Vodafone customers will be able to receive free text messages whenever people in their Twitter friend network post a new tweet.

  • February retail trade...

    February retail trade turnover plunge 8%

    Retail trade turnover dropped 8% in February from the same period of last year, largely due to the sharp drop in food and non-food sales and fuels, data from the National Institute of Statistics show.

  • Fewer foreign tourists in...

    Fewer foreign tourists in Romania

    The number of foreign visitors in Romania registered at the border checks stood at 897,400 in the first two months this year, down 5.9% from the same period of last year. Most tourists were from...

  • Romtelecom and Cosmote change...

    Romtelecom and Cosmote change corporate subscription plan

    Romtelecom and Cosmote, two of the largest telecom carriers in Romania, have reshaped Convergent 1000 and Unlimited subscription plans launched in 2008, designed for companies.

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    Antibiotices Q1 revenues grow 4.5%

    Romanian drug manufacturer Antibiotice Iasi (ticker: ATB) said its revenues increased by 4.5% to around 60 million lei (€14.5 mln) in first quarter 2010 compared to year-ago period.

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    Midday Forex: Leus mild rebound continues

    The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.0908 lei/euro, down 0.14% from Tuesday. The national currency moved higher in the early trades, but wiped out morning gains, in line with its...

  • Bosch navigation system...

    Bosch navigation system engineered for eco-friendly driving

    In addition to a fast or a short route Bosch navigation system now offers car drivers the possibility to choose an "eco route" option.

  • BSE stocks post strong gains

    BSE stocks post strong gains

    Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange eked out a strong gain today, after a choppy trade in the morning and short-lived negative variations throughout the day, with BET index and composite BET-C...

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